Chapter 658

Flame Monarch

The Alanore Labyrinth was a maze pattern that a rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magus had painstakingly set up. The Magi who wished to intrude would have to advance by passing through all of the stages, only then reaching the end.

Now, after withstanding all this damage, as well as two intentional attacks on Leylin’s end, the labyrinth had begun to crumble. Bit by bit, the walls split open, glowing runes turning to powder.

The lava lake from before was gradually drying up, revealing a surface full of cracks. The pathways were continuously crumbling with this area as the centre.

“The collapse of the Alanore Labyrinth is happening earlier than I expected,” Melinda furrowed her beautiful brows and sank into deep thought. A dark shadow then charged towards the heart of the labyrinth at a quicker pace.

Within the barriers of the boundless world crack was the Fiery World. It was like the sun, the exterior of which was the imposing and serene Alanore Labyrinth.

All of a sudden,...

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