Chapter 657

The Labyrinth’s Collapse

Void shattered, and a red figure appeared beside Joanna. Endless flames lay docile on his body, flickering with scarlet light. This was evidently a peak rank 5 Magus.

He solemnly grabbed at Joanna, pure golden flames turning into sharp claws that caused Joanna’s defences to break inch by inch.

“Blazing Flame Monarch!” Clarke howled with fury, arriving in front of her. The sharp, flaming claws ruthlessly grabbed him, causing the steel armour to break. Even the skin underneath had been roasted a charred black, revealing bright silver, metallic bones.

Within the Alanore Labyrinth, there was only one person who could move freely. And that was its owner, the Blazing Flame Monarch!

Clarke spat out fresh blood as he and Joanna were sent flying.

“Brother! BROTHER!” Joanna kept screaming, eyes instantly turning blood red. “HOW DARE YOU HARM MY BROTHER. I WANT YOU DEAD!”

Thin, translucent threads emerged from her hands, and even the...

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