Chapter 656

Blazing Flame Monarch

‘They’re all lunatics!’ Leylin could only sigh at how insane his group members were, ‘Lunatics with power are the most troublesome lot!’

*Hss—* A tremendous Kemoyin appeared behind him, and a terrifying black hole formed that exerted a tremendous suction force on the fire elementals.

“Devour!” The terrifying might of a rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor drew everything in, be it flames, light, or even space itself.

The fire elementals began to bawl miserably, looking ready to retreat. However, their bodies were constantly being pulled into the black hole, and they were eventually devoured. There was a clear path in the space when Leylin moved.

The five Radiant Moons had successfully broken through the outer layer and entered the interior of the labyrinth. Powerful auras could be felt occasionally from its various parts.


At the heart of the gigantic labyrinth, on a throne of pure gold.

A human figure shrouded completely in flames raised their head,...

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