Chapter 655


Leylin had already experienced spacetime travel several times, and by this point was used to it. The moment he passed through the astral gate, the peak New Moon truesoul in his sea of consciousness began to twinkle, a layer of gentle and quiet yet very solid soul force enveloping his body. Whether it was spatial turbulence or terrifying World’s Will, everything was kept out by it.

Even Morning Stars could roam around nearby world cracks using just their body defences. This was no issue at all for Radiant Moons.

Through a soul force scan, Leylin sensed a world full of fire elemental particles. Unlike the Lava World he’d been to before, this place lacked rocks and other energy particles. It was a world of pure red, filled only by fire.

The world’s origin force of fire elements was several times greater than that of the Lava World. If the Lava World was a celestial body, then although one couldn’t liken this world to a boiling sun, it would be a m...

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