Chapter 654

Control and Discovery

The translucent figure being bound by the vines had a pair of deathly still eyes. Even though the assassination had been unsuccessful, there were no undulations whatsoever despite his life being at risk.

*Rumble!* A terrifying force from his truesoul formed five different rings of light.

“Radiant Moon Arcane Art…” His voice was hoarse, as if he had not spoken for a long time. The surrounding Morning Star Magi also gritted their teeth, power pouring forth from their point masses to support their Morning Star Arcane Arts.

This Radiant Moon evidently had made contact with these Morning Star Magi at some point and arranged a counter-attack!

*Pak!* Leylin instantly came before a Morning Star Magus, a giant serpent figure from his hands ruthlessly piercing through the other party’s innate defences, causing him to cough blood while quickly retreating.

The backlash from a Morning Star Arcane Art being interrupted caused that Magus to howl...

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