Chapter 653

Crushing and Sneak Attack

Seeing only a few streaks of light fleeing from the range of their attack in Düz City, Leylin sighed in disappointment, “Even Magi have lost their awareness of danger…”

“It’s not that they’ve lost their awareness. It’s just that they don’t believe it. The safety of Düz City is as guaranteed as the fact that the sun rises in the east and water flows downhill. It is their truth, their law! They never considered that there would be a day when their city is attacked.”

Melinda spoke disdainfully, “Magi like these are a disgrace to our Magus World, vermin! Let me purge them!” Her hands pushed downwards with complete coldness.



The earth rumbled and countless lightning snakes crackled, their berserk behaviour intensifying tenfold as they charged towards Düz City. The earth seemed to cave into some formless pressure, forming a pit. It was as if the air itself was being crushed.

Countless acolytes and regular humans instantly...

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