Chapter 652

Düz City

Based on what Melinda said, whether one had begun to comprehend laws made up for the greatest power distinction among Breaking Dawns. The Monarchs of the central continent had obtained the strength of the worlds they conquered, and each began to touch upon a specific law. This was why they were called ‘Monarchs.’

The Blazing Flame Monarch obtained extra strength from the Origin Force of the Fiery World, and began touching on the law of fire.

Once he completely wielded the power of flames, that was when the title of Monarch could be held high in the sky, when one could advance to become a rank 7 Magus that controlled laws.

The knowledge and memories that Magi at this level of strength had about laws was very beneficial to a Radiant Moon like Leylin.

“The Blazing Flame Monarch’s power is at a low? How long will this last?” This was what Leylin was focused on.

“At least a month, and it could approach a hundred days. Three months, effectively.”...

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