Chapter 651

Convergence: A Plot Hatched

A chandelier hung loosely and emitted a dim orange light in the hazy night. The light from the street lamps was diffused, making one feel sleepy.

Beside the chandelier was a bar that was already closed. A ‘Thank You’ sign was hung on the door, the surroundings quiet.

After a day’s hard work, the residents nearby had already entered slumber in their tiredness. Even the drunkards, tramps, and the like had found their own cosy kennels, not intending on sleeping outdoors on the streets in such cold weather.

At this moment, the sound of leather boots rubbing against the ground echoed through the area. A tall figure walked out of thin air, coming before the door and knocking on it.

*Thud Thud Thud!* The dull sound carried a unique rhythm and charm.

The door opened after a while, exposing the face of an old lady. There was a slight reverence amidst her vigilance, “Sir! You’re finally here!”

“I was slightly delayed by some matters on the way.” The person...

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