Chapter 650

Drawing Blood

“What’s the matter? Didn’t we agree before that he’d only stop his opponent? Why has it gone this far?” Jeffrey was a little stunned at the side. “This isn’t good. I’m afraid Bevis’ extreme personality has led to an emotional breakout at rank 6. Quickly, go and stop him! If not, His Highness Leylin…”

Even if the Warlock themselves weren’t as strong, metamorphosis to a rank 6 creature was definitely more powerful than that to a rank 5. Jeffrey was worried that Bevis would harm Leylin, which wasn’t good for the Warlock Union. After all, Leylin was in the Radiant Moon realm and was one of their executive members.

“That’s a rank 6 bloodline growing emotional. I’m afraid it will affect us as well…” Wayde, standing at the other side, grew very worried instead.

“There’s no need for that. His Highness Leylin is still there,” Offa waved his hands, seemingly very relaxed, “Not only he did see through his opponent’s bloodline, he even forced Bevis to fall into his own trap...

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