Chapter 649

Fog Giant

“The Warlock Union isn’t the personal property of a single Warlock. It’s an alliance between all Warlocks, each of whom have their own wills and requirements for benefits,” Offa’s voice was icy, “Even when Bevis reaches Breaking Dawn, he still won’t have the authority to represent us all!”

Wayde and Jeffrey did not refute out of their desire to protect their own interests.

“Furthermore, Leylin wants to raid the Blazing Flame Monarch in his own name, and Bevis is trying all he can to stop this. In principle, neither of them are wrong. Hence, let’s give them a chance to sort it out among themselves. We’ll appear later to adjudicate. Isn’t that appropriate?” An intelligent glint flashed in Offa’s eyes. As the oldest and most powerful Radiant Moon Warlock, his might in the Warlock Union could not be underestimated.

“That’s true. They’re young people after all, they need to be hot-blooded sometimes!” Wayde exclaimed from the other...

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