Chapter 648

Communication and Stealth

In the simulation space of the A.I. Chip, a spell model that was extremely intricate and had multi-coloured flowing runes had completely taken shape. The A.I. Chip’s voice transmitted at this point.

[Beep! Rank 5 dream spell— Radiant Moon Dreamforce Spell — Distrait Dream. Type: Dreamforce. Illusory effect: Causes target to sink into their own dream realm and lose all senses with the external world. 90% chance of causing confusion to a Radiant Moon Magus’ truesoul. Effects weaken slightly depending on number of times used.]

“An illusory technique that targets the truesoul, with a success rate of 90%!” Leylin’s pupils shrank. He had experienced the mysteries and dangers of Dreamscape for himself. If not for the A.I. Chip and some luck, he might not have been able to escape at all.

It had such a high rate of success amongst those of the same rank, and could even bypass ranks even if the effects would be weakened. Still, the rate should be above 50% then as well.

In other...

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