Chapter 647

Dream Spell

[Beep! Host’s Dreamscape alteration has been completed. Dreamforce adaptability has increased. Host has absorbed the remaining dreamforce. Vitality and spiritual force increasing, recalculating data.]

Following the A.I. Chip’s voice, Leylin saw his stats being refreshed.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Kemoyin Emperor (Complete Form). Strength: 76, Agility: 62, Vitality: 155.7, Spiritual Force: 1821.5, Magic Power: 1821(Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force). Soul Force: 182 (New Moon).]

“I didn’t expect the alterations from dreamforce to have so many benefits!” Leylin nodded, rather satisfied with the upgrades.

The most important thing about this alteration was that with the absorption of dreamforce, his body was beginning to get used to this strength. That was a prerequisite to employing dreamforce based spells.

Now, Leylin could see a strange red bar on the histogram that showed his elemental affinities,...

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