Chapter 646

Dreamscape Alteration

“Dreamscape…” Leylin sighed. He could sense that the unusual area that connected two spaces had vanished. From hereon, this place would completely lose its link with Dreamscape.

Though he had expected this day to come, Leylin was still dejected.

“This is only a temporary farewell; Dreamscape, Gillian…”

With large amounts of dreamforce and valuable information at hand, Leylin was confident that he could enter Dreamscape on his own. However, that would require a lot of research and experiments. He would not be able to make contact with Dreamscape in the near future, but he would eventually establish a connection between the two sides using his own strength, then return there.

“What a pity…” Leylin’s eyes showed sadness within. With how things were, he could’ve continued interacting with Dreamscape, getting even more profits.

Still, Leylin would not regret his decision. After being discovered...

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