Chapter 645

Spider and Breakage

After all, if the astral laboratory was destroyed, not only would he lose his channel to Dreamscape, he would be trapped here, forever.

‘‘Impossible! I set up a concealing technique and spell formation before leaving. I even left behind…’’

Leylin’s mind began to work rapidly. He was confident in his setup, but the warning from the A.I. Chip definitely wasn’t false.

‘Could it be some kind of unique creature that can see through my illusory spell formation? Or… is it demons?’ The possibility instantly turned Leylin gloomy. He suddenly sped up, coming to the area where his laboratory was…

But the scene that came into his vision made Leylin’s eyes widen gradually. “This…”

In his sight was a huge spider the size of a tall mountain, spitting out threads that wrapped up the entire laboratory.

The runes around the laboratory flickered continuously, rippling with a dazzling lustre. The defensive layer and spider web depleted each other.

On the spider’s abdomens were large numbers...

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