Chapter 644

Exchange and Consternation

‘A Magus coincidentally chancing upon Dreamscape who was enchanted by the bizarre environment here and took in an inhabitant as his acolyte…’ Leylin secretly made a guess about what happened at that time.

‘To adapt to this environment, he even specifically targeted dreamforce and the acolyte’s vitality, developing some kind of customised meditation technique and spells…

‘And due to some external factors which could not be resisted, the castle of this Magus had turned into ashes overnight and that acolyte disappeared soon after…’

That should’ve been the gist of it. Leylin wasn’t all that interested in investigating the incident. As long as he gained information, this expedition into Dreamscape would be considered a success.

‘That Magus that was stranded here was at least a Breaking Dawn, and might even been a higher existence that comprehended laws…’ The more he studied the information on hand, the more Leylin grew to admire that Ma...

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