Chapter 640


“This is?” Leylin was on guard. This person was able to hide from his sense, which meant he was no ordinary fellow.

“Hehe… Let me introduce him to you, Leylin. This is the person I mentioned before. He’s Bevis, the last of the Radiant Moon Warlocks in our Warlock Union!”

Following Jeffrey’s introduction, Bevis proudly lifted his head slightly. “Archduke Leylin, you come out to meet your guests looking like this. Aren’t you violating etiquette?”

Leylin was stunned, and quickly looked at himself. Due to the mishap previously, his robe was now utterly tattered, and he did seem rather impolite.

“My apologies, that was my mistake! Please, come to Black Serpent Castle next door. It’s not far away, and my wife is there as well.” Leylin apologised sincerely, and directed them there while still in front of his castle. He did not intend to invite the both of them in to tour this castle.

According to Leylin’s plan, this area would be completely isolated and abandoned. After what happened today, he surely had doubts about the safety here.

The invasion of Dreamscape came as silent as the night, yet contained a vast amount of terror.

Even rank 5 Radiant Moon Warlocks might not be able to effectively protect themselves in the face of such an invasion.

Before having complete control over dreamforce and being able to defend himself, Leylin would maintain distance from this place. His safety wasn’t a joke.

Seeing that Leylin acknowledged his mistake and apologised so readily, Jeffrey’s smile became more gentle. After all, he didn’t want to see a divide between the military powers of his own organisation. As for Bevis, a trace of astonishment flashed in his eyes, but he concealed it well.

Leylin, who noticed all of this, sighed secretly, ‘This Bevis… he isn’t the haughty and brainless person he appears to be…’

Previously, Jeffrey had mentioned that there were a group of Warlocks that had the highest hopes of obtaining a throne, and Bevis was the last Warlock that did not appear back then. He’d always thought that this fellow was outside of the Morning Star area, but didn’t expect that he would actually appear right in front of him directly.

‘Is his ability to block me from probing also brought about by the rank 6 bloodline?’ Leylin carefully sized up this Warlock who possessed the bloodline of a rank 6 creature.

As he tried to probe him, a rich layer of bloodline energy that surrounded Bevis like a dense fog warded off any prying eyes.

Perhaps it was because of this ability that he was able to avoid the hostility of many Magi, and thereby grow to this stage.

‘A.I. Chip, is it possible to bypass this isolation layer from his bloodline energy?’ Leylin appeared to be talking cheerfully to the two Warlocks as they walked along, but he was actually commanding the A.I. Chip and making continuous attempts to gather information about this Warlock.

[Beep! It is necessary to break the protective layer to gather information about this Warlock. This will attract his attention. Continue with action?] the A.I. Chip swiftly intoned.

‘No!’ Leylin wouldn’t be so reckless of course, he didn’t want to be seen as an enemy.

‘Ancient bloodlines at rank 6 that possess concealment abilities are few and far between…’ Leylin stroked his chin and glanced at Jeffrey.

‘Jeffrey himself should have the bloodline of a rank 5 creature, an ancient bat. Bevis on the other hand… A Crystal Dragon? Or a Misty Fog Giant?’ The many possibilities surfaced at the bottom of Leylin’s heart. After the A.I. Chip made continuous comparisons, it finally narrowed it down to the two most probable bloodlines.

Bevis was of course,unaware that, within a short span of time, Leylin was already close to completely understanding him inside out. He was aloof throughout their journey, standing at the side while Leylin and Jeffrey conversed. He only occasionally interjected.

After connecting to Dreamscape, Leylin had constructed another Black Serpent Castle next to his original castle, and shifted Freya and the servants over.

The Morning Star area was extraordinary in that the land available was endlessly vast, hence Leylin effortlessly obtained ownership over a large amount of land. As for the construction of the castle, it was made simple with the assistance of spells and numerous giant adamantine puppets following his orders.

A short moment later, Leylin and the guests took their seats in the living room of the new castle. The maid served milk tea and some light refreshments. Freya came out to meet them for a while, but retreated soon after, leaving the space to the three Warlocks.

Leylin fiddled with the cup in his hands, and didn’t take the initiative to speak.

He hadn’t expected Jeffrey to bring Bevis here. However, since he already knew about the rank 6 bloodline, Jeffrey probably didn’t have anything to hide as well. Perhaps he brought Bevis over with the intention of resolving misunderstandings and to remove any grudges that Leylin might harbour.

After all, the Warlock Union had intentionally hidden Bevis’ existence for a long time. If not for Leylin’s discovery, they might have continued hiding him. He could sense how distanced their relationship was merely from their attitude.

Bevis’ attitude towards him was also worth pondering over...

Seeing Leylin behave in this manner, Jeffrey felt somewhat embarrassed. After all, they were in the wrong to begin with, and now could only smooth things over. “His Highness Leylin is the Warlock who has spent the shortest amount of time in advancing to Radiant Moon in the history of bloodline Warlocks. His innate talent is astonishing, and his future is limitless…”

“Hmph…” Bevis spoke coldly, “If not the fact that I sealed myself previously in order to conceal my bloodline, I wouldn’t have let this achievement go to someone else…”

Judging by the additional strength of a rank 6 bloodline, Bevis might just have been able to surpass Leylin’s record. Hence, it was very normal for him to have complaints, but Leylin felt that it wasn’t that ordinary.

‘Sounds like he seems to be… dissatisfied with me?’ Leylin glanced curiously at Bevis. Today should have been the first time they met, yet he was in a hurry to show off. What was he trying to do?

‘Could it be that the prophecy led him to feel like he was about to face some kind of crisis? Or perhaps it is purely because he’s a spoilt brat? Or even more likely, is he trying to make the other Warlocks declare their position through such an attitude?’ Leylin suddenly had a premonition that his existence would create problems for Bevis.

Bevis had always been thought of as the last hope of the Warlocks, and one could not imagine the extent to which he was valued. Leylin’s appearance at this moment was a forceful attack on his position.

He advanced to Radiant Moon faster than him, and was even younger than him. Even though there were bloodline shackles to consider, he had a history of creating miracles, and it was not as if there was no hope for him to break through them.

Furthermore, even though Leylin’s limit was rank 5, he was already a top figure among the Warlocks, and was worth investing in.

Thus, the entire Warlock Union was now more inclined to allocate some resources to him. Even though it was just a tiny portion, it was enough to arouse discontent and vigilance on Bevis’ end.

‘Afraid that my recent rising will affect your status?’ Having had an exceedingly rich experience with power struggles, Leylin immediately sniffed out that something was different.

Still, this possibility left him speechless. Sometimes it was easy to build animosity. Perhaps it was because of baseless conjectures, or maybe purely because Bevis found Leylin an eyesore.

“Your Highness Bevis’ bloodline is beyond me…” Leylin paused for a moment, then continued, “But as the hope of the Warlock Union, what Your Highness should do now is break through the boundaries of rank 6 as soon as possible, and become a Monarch so you can acquire a larger space for us Warlocks to live in.”

Since Bevis’ attitude was clear to him, there was nothing for Leylin to be courteous about, and he directly returned the ‘compliment’.

Leylin was proud of his age and experience, and this attitude instantly made Bevis turn red with anger. Leylin was practically instructing him like a child!

In fact, Bevis was doing pretty well. Leylin didn’t have to break through his barrier to find, with the help of the A.I. Chip, that he was already a Half Moon Radiant Moon. With the amplification of strength by his bloodline, he could probably match even Offa in battle, albeit with difficulty.

He would probably be ranked second in terms of strength within the Warlock Union.

Such was the terror of a rank 6 bloodline. Any ranks below rank 6 could be slowly cultivated and broken through with the strength of the bloodline. With such a huge asset on his side, it was perfectly fine for Bevis to have a slightly arrogant personality.

Besides, since he had always been taken good care of, he probably didn’t have much life experience to speak of. The emotions of rank 6 creatures were far more frightening, and would be a fatal weakness for him.

Hence, after hearing Leylin’s provocation, Bevis erupted without the slightest hesitation, “I am here today because I have something to say regarding Your Highness Leylin’s suggestion from before!”

“From before?” Leylin looked at Jeffrey, puzzled.

“Your Highness Leylin mentioned it previously. It’s about taking action against the powers of the Blazing Flame Monarch. Although I think it’s better that we do not take part, we should discuss it!” Jeffrey explained awkwardly.

“Your Highness Leylin, as a Radiant Moon in our Warlock Alliance, how can you enrage a rank 6 being such as the Blazing Flame Monarch because of your personal hatred, without a care about our interests as a whole? Even if it’s done in your name, this cannot do. Can you guarantee he won’t take out his anger on the other Warlocks?”

Bevis’ voice was very loud, and he appeared to speak forcefully and with justice.

“Personal hatred?” Leylin gave a light laugh. “The recent persecution of Warlocks nearly ended our legacy. It was quite recently that he dispatched assassins to end our excellent bloodlines. The numerous offences he’s made are mere personal grudges in your eyes, Your Highness? Don’t forget that you too are a Warlock of the Union!”

Having never experienced such mincing words before, Bevis was at a loss for words momentarily.

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