Chapter 640


“This is?” Leylin was on guard. This person was able to hide from his sense, which meant he was no ordinary fellow.

“Hehe… Let me introduce him to you, Leylin. This is the person I mentioned before. He’s Bevis, the last of the Radiant Moon Warlocks in our Warlock Union!”

Following Jeffrey’s introduction, Bevis proudly lifted his head slightly. “Archduke Leylin, you come out to meet your guests looking like this. Aren’t you violating etiquette?”

Leylin was stunned, and quickly looked at himself. Due to the mishap previously, his robe was now utterly tattered, and he did seem rather impolite.

“My apologies, that was my mistake! Please, come to Black Serpent Castle next door. It’s not far away, and my wife is there as well.” Leylin apologised sincerely, and directed them there while still in front of his castle. He did not intend to invite the both of them in to tour this castle.

According to Leylin’s plan, this area would be completely isolated and abandoned. After what happened today, he surely had doubts about the safety here...

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