Chapter 639

Accident and Meeting

The sudden appearance of a half human statue, and the hairline cracks that could only be seen through Astral Vision… all this caused a chill in Leylin’s heart.

The things in Dreamscape were way too mysterious, but the attraction they held for Leylin was incomparable. Precisely because of this, Leylin who had all along been immersed in experiments had slightly neglected the extreme dangers contained there.

Leylin looked at the continuously enlarging cracks on the statue, and could not help but say with a deep voice, “Seal!”

*Ring!* A blood-red radiance emerged from underground, instantly transforming into a translucent cage. The runes he’d previously set up near the statue began to flicker as well. Suppressive energy waves gathered together, firmly sealing the half human statue within.

The range of cracking on the statue grew wider even as it was sealed off, all the cracks coming together to form a terrifying large mouth.

A wave of tiny black bugs...

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