Chapter 638

Obstruction and Success

Were there treasures in Dreamscape?

Yes, and many at that! Dreamscape housed many Rank 6 and above beings with various kinds of materials and treasures, they were all enough to drive Radiant Moons and even Breaking Dawn Magi crazy.

But the dangers that Dreamscape offered were terrifying as well. The world was ever changing, and the bug that one stepped on today could grow into a powerful fiend tomorrow, stomping you to death.

It was a world full of uncertainties where the real and the virtual, past and future were all mixed up. It was one that Leylin did not wish to easily come into contact with. He hadn’t even finished exploring the surroundings of his laboratory yet, precisely because he didn’t dare to go in too deep.

Furthermore, he didn’t think treasures and comprehension of the dreamforce were the most precious things in Dreamscape. No, Dreamscape’s biggest offering was precisely the dreamforce that was everywhere!

Dreamforce was...

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