Chapter 637


‘Dreamscape is a huge treasure trove, but it holds perilous dangers within…’ Leylin pondered deeply over this.

Unlike the Magus World, Dreamscape hadn’t suffered any damage, and was still a terrifying world that retained its ancient splendour. The demons inside this place were beings even ancient Magi had been fearful of.

On top of that, Dreamscape was even more dangerous than the real world. The slightest of mistakes in there would result in the loss of one’s truesoul. Whether it was an encounter with a demon or some other danger from the environment itself, everything would be extremely terrifying for him.

What if they found his laboratory and used it as a springboard to get to the Magus World? Just the thought of it left Leylin’s scalp numb.

While he didn’t mind being treated as a traitor to humanity, he wasn’t going to do anything that would not benefit him.

Besides, Leylin had long since begun treating the central continent...

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