Chapter 636

Spatial Conversion

Leylin stared at the large pit in front of him absent-mindedly, hands still maintaining the position from when he had been casting the spell.

In front of him, all that was left of the astral gate were ruins. Terrifying electric currents and radiations were still present in some places, but with the A.I. Chip’s directions those, too, were quickly isolated and extinguished.

Though the explosion of the astral gate was dangerous, danger depended on the individual facing it as well. In the face of Leylin’s Kemoyin scales that had been strengthened to rank 5, the stray undulations from the explosion were nothing. Even the area around him was completely safe.

Even so, the destruction of the astral gate, as well as the loss of the coordinates, left Leylin’s heart aching.

The amount of astral stones needed to construct an astral gate again was negligible with the large organisation of the Warlock Union backing him, and amassing...

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