Chapter 635

Feather and Dream

“A trip to the astral plane is like a sea voyage during the era of exploration. Few people successfully found new continents, returning with gold. Most just ended up as skeletons buried deep under the sea.…” Leylin sighed.

He left the binding room and came before the astral gate, a grey feather appearing in his palm. This feather looked very ordinary, with nothing different about it, as if it was a regular feather from a bird.

However, Leylin knew how unordinary it was. The feather had been a gift from the owl which had come from the crack between reality and dreams.

“Dreamscape is in actuality another world of dreams. I wonder if I can make contact with it using the astral gate.”

Before this day, Leylin had already used the A.I. Chip to scan the feather multiple times, performing many experiments. However, he’d had no results.

The results showed that this was the most ordinary of feathers.

Now, with no other ideas, he decided to use...

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