Chapter 634

Reflection and Experimentation

After Jeffrey left Leylin’s castle, the sunny smile on Leylin’s face slowly crumbled, a brooding look taking its place. “A Warlock that has inherited a rank 6 bloodline? Interesting. Very interesting!”

Till now, the highest bloodlines he’d seen were those of the Sun’s Child which was rank 6, and the blood of the rank 7 bronze female giant who’d comprehended laws.

As for the fire phoenix, perhaps that wasn’t even a bloodline creature at all. Even though he possessed the egg, Leylin had no way to extract a bloodline from it.

The bloodline of the Sun’s Child had been completely exhausted after Leylin had created two bloodline imprints, and the bloodline of the bronze female giant had been a huge driving force in Leylin’s bloodline evolution. Not only were the quantities of blood in both cases meagre, neither had even come with a real body. After they were used up, they had disappeared.

Things would be different with a Warlock who had inherited a rank 6 bloodline. The fellow would...

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