Chapter 633

Rank 6 Bloodline

‘I’m afraid the reason that Jeffrey and the rest invited me to help manage the Morning Star Area is in order to increase its security!’ Leylin pondered silently. With a rank 6 bloodline appearing and that prophecy, all the high-ranked Warlocks probably believed that that person would be their hope to rise once more.

Leylin wasn’t the least bit envious. No matter how talented a Warlock was, they would still need to grow over a period of time. Those with high-ranked bloodlines would need even more time to develop, and before such a person matured, he was just a Warlock that showed good potential.

Leylin would happily encourage and guide the Warlock along, even sending some items to him as an investment. However, if that Warlock did not meet his requirements, he would need to be taught reality.

And if the Warlock started to hate him for it, he might just make the fellow ‘disappear.’ No matter how much of a genius one might be, they were nothing before...

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