Chapter 632

Plotting and Reconnaissance

“Test my ability?” Leylin sneered, “If it’s true, I’ll slaughter you and imprison your soul, having it burn for a million years.” The coldness in his voice seemed to drop the ambient temperature.

“Haha… I’m just joking with you! It was definitely an accident!” Melinda’s voice had once again switched to that of a sweet little girl, “Anyway, I prepared a gift to make up for my dear brother’s loss. Open up the astral gate.”

“A gift?” Leylin furrowed his brows, but soon arrived at his astral laboratory and opened up his gate. Flame-like blue light gathered together to form a passageway.

Leylin was very cautious about Melinda. The astral stone energy that was inputted and the spell patterns only allowed for the transfer of non-living objects. If there was any invasion of external force or spiritual force, he would shut the passageway immediately.

However, Melinda seemed to have been honest this time, and a black cube was sent through...

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