Chapter 631

Advancement and Meetup

Leylin’s expression changed when he saw the deduction produced by the A.I. Chip.

‘That’s to say, if I meet the Blazing Flame Monarch, there’s only half a chance of success? And I die in the other half as well…’ Leylin narrowed his eyes at the result.

Although a twenty percent chance of surviving a Breaking Dawn Magus’ attack was actually quite reasonable, it still felt rather low for Leylin.

Were he to meet the Blazing Flame Monarch today, it was too much of a risk for him to bet on that 39% unknown result.

Looking at the vague data, Leylin guessed it was probably due to all the secrets about himself that he kept. Thus, there would be more such unknown results. He didn’t dare to bet on his luck.

“Is the Blazing Flame Monarch really that powerful? Or is it that all Breaking Dawn Magi are just that strong?” Leylin stroked his chin. He felt like...

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