Chapter 630

The Glutton and Deduction

On the commercial street, a handsome guy and a girl who was a glutton sat face to face inside a dessert and drinks store. They appeared to be a common couple just like any other, but their conversation would have terrified anyone who heard it. And yet, due to some unknown reason, the surrounding customers and waiters in the vicinity acted like they did not hear a word of their conversation, preoccupied with their own things.

The only thing was that a few beautiful girls and waitresses stared daggers at the girl seated opposite Leylin. If looks could kill, the girl would’ve been killed a million times over.

“Haha...This is such a great feeling! The jealousy of others is so amazing, perfect. I feel so blessed!” The female Magus was full of joy, twinkling little stars ready to burst out of her eyes.

Yet, Leylin was not easily fooled by such fake displays of emotion. He was very clear on how cunning the...

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