Chapter 629

City and Meeting

“There’s a significant increase in all my statistics… The rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor bloodline is truly terrifying!” Leylin let loose a sigh of satisfaction at the sight of his status.

The Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline originally provided additional bloodline power to a Warlock, and once it evolved this support only grew greater in magnitude.

Leylin could feel this royal bloodline changing his body with every breath, breaking even into his truesoul and colouring it a slight red. His soul force was constantly being strengthened.

‘Although this Kemoyin Emperor bloodline helped me achieve rank 5, even to be considered strong amongst Radiant Moons, it isn’t without its consequences…’ Leylin could not help but think of the feeling he had when he was being spied upon at that time. The Snake Dowager’s attention from the Purgatory World had left him nervous and uneasy to this day. He could not help but put in extra effort into improving his strength.

He had a premonition that the moment he chose to fight the Snake Dowager, even betray her, the bloodline in...

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