Chapter 627

Shift and Prophecy

In the air above a region of Twilight Zone, countless distortions combined to form a spatial channel. Leylin, dressed in loose black robes, stepped out from the passageway.

The battle between rank 5s had resulted in extensive damage even within a spatial crack. Had it been fought in Twilight Zone, perhaps most of it would have been destroyed.

Even so, just the probing attacks from before had led to devastating harm to the land. Even if the affected area was not huge, the radiation and curses that remained would constantly corrode the land, even spreading out further.

In a worse case scenario, there might be the creation of malicious Conscients or attracting different World’s Wills to descend here.

Whatever may happen, it would result in nothing good for Twilight Zone.

“A battle amongst Radiant Moons is far too destructive. It’s not just the direct damage, but the indirect pollution as well…” Leylin watched the land that was in a...

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