Chapter 626

Rank 5 Snake Transformation

Light burst forth as the spell formation that combined the power of three souls was broken through.

“Let’s go!” Eugene and the leader grasped this opportunity and, quickly pulled Leylin into the spatial crack.

The tremendous snarling figure of the giant serpent was still devouring the dust and space all around it, but the life energy being generated was obviously reduced. It was obvious at the slowed recovery of the injury on Leylin’s back.

“Carol!” At this moment, the opponents were gazing at Carol, who was in Leylin’s control, and a trace of despair appeared on their expressions.

Under the gaze of the Eye of Petrification, the female Magus had turned into a limestone statue. Though there was a layer of soul energy resisting the corrosion from the petrification, Leylin currently possessed a Serpent Emperor’s eyes, and the damage his innate spell could cause had risen greatly. Even Radiant Moon Magi would not be immune to such an attack.

“Carol? She’s the Magus who brought me...

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