Chapter 625

Discovery and Battle

“Legend?” What legend?” Carol wiped off the blood at the corner of her lips. Her truesoul had been injured by the curse in the dream, and she was no longer in the best shape.

“I’ve heard the Monarch mention that Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks carry the bloodline of the Snake Dowager. Although very low, there is a chance of a rank 5 emperor appearing amongst them.” The leader’s voice was very low, and Carol and Eugene could even hear a tremble in it, “And after the appearance of the Kemoyin Emperor, the entire Kemoyin Race will unify under them to regain the glory of the bloodline Warlocks…”

”That’s obviously just a prophecy. Who’s going to believe that?” Eugene pursed his lips in disdain.

”If it were merely another prophecy, nobody would believe it, but what if the person who had made it was the great astrologer, Magus Derrick? And what if I told you he sacrificed his life to do it?” The leader glanced at Eugene.

“Derrick? That legendary Radiant Moon...

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