Chapter 624

Dreamscape Realm

Storms and turbulence wreaked havoc in the huge space, wiping out the entire troop within seconds. This terrifying scene rendered all onlookers speechless.

“Leylin is... actually so strong?” Gail looked at Leylin’s back view, a little confused. Large amounts of light started to leak out from the spatial crack, the scene within seeming like an entirely separate galaxy.

“First, it was the key, then it was the counterattack. I have to open up a path for myself next!” Leylin muttered under his breath as a dazzling moon rose up behind him. Space stabilised as the translucent moonlight scattered and revealed a silver pathway.

“Come here!” Before he left, Leylin waved his hand. Gail, who was on the floor, flew to him.

“Brother…” The little lass called out hoarsely before she kept silent, realising that Leylin was not the same person she knew.

“The power of destiny gave...

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