Chapter 623

Trial and Destruction

A Magus created spells by using his spiritual force to draw the energy particles in the air. The current Leylin could cause a mysterious change with just a spoken rune syllable and the injection of spiritual force.

A ball of flames formed in front of Leylin and a huge wall of fire spread out, blocking the white light.

The figures that were armoured in black could only see a huge amount of flames appearing out of thin air to collide with the laser. The teen himself was still safe and sound.

*Plop!* An armoured man loosened his grip and dropped his laser gun. A peculiar scene such as this was still a first for them despite their years of war experience and the gory training they’d undergone.

“Mutants!” The leader cried.

“Mutants? Is this what your world calls people with mysterious powers?” Leylin laughed and placed his hands behind his back, sizing up his surroundings with a sense of nostalgia....

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