Chapter 622

Fleeing and Awakening

“My goal?” Leylin stood on the stage. Although he was the focus of attention of thousands of people, his mind still wandered off.

“Is it to live my life ordinarily and peacefully? Yes! With time, money, and a wife who loves you, what’s there to hesitate?”

‘But why, why do I still feel a little indignant deep in my heart?’ Leylin touched his chest, ‘If everyone is like that, then fine. But if there is a path leading to eternal life, and I don’t try and pursue it, how could I face myself?

Eternity? Eternity! Yes, pursuing the ultimate of everything and obtaining eternal life, that is my pursuit!’

Leylin’s pupils instantly grew resolute. Grabbing Carol’s hand, he gently said, “Sister Carol… S–Sorry…”

Right at this moment, an intense rumbling explosion echoed, engulfing the place in crimson flames. The crowd screamed and dispersed as a black, armoured car barged recklessly into the campus, stopping at the side of the stage.

Numerous figures in steel armour jumped...

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