Chapter 621


“Carol?” Leylin leaned back against the couch while feeling the familiar rumble of the engine, his mind fuzzy. ‘Seems to be a very famous singer, said to be the idol of teenagers in the Furze Federation… Also seems to be slightly related to me, but… I don't remember anymore…’

Memories related to the other person immediately emerged in Leylin’s brain, ‘Only, why do I keep feeling that something’s wrong? This shouldn't be my life… My life…’

Leylin stretched out his right hand and a word suddenly emerged in his brain: “Fire!” This was pronounced in the ancient Byron language, but tens of seconds passed and nothing happened.

“What’s wrong with you Leylin? Devising new words? Why haven't I heard this before, is this German or Spanish?” Serway asked thoughtlessly as he looked at the scenery outside the window from time to time.

“Neither! I may have pronounced it wrongly…” Leylin’s face was slightly flushed, but his heart was stirring, ‘What happened just now, why did I have a premonition that something...

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