Chapter 620

Of Curses and Dreams

Will walked out dejectedly. He had gained no further insight than Leylin’s encouragement. Other than that, he felt that this father whom he had never seen before was shrouded in a layer of dense fog.

“What’s wrong with Will?” Celine had instantly noticed this anomaly as she walked into Leylin’s villa carrying a silver plate.

“Freshly grounded coffee, personally made by me!” On the silver plate, white mist floated above the beige can and mug.

“Nothing much! Just a youth’s confusion!” Leylin smiled, held up a cup of coffee and said, “The taste is still as good as before!”

“You… How long are you going to be staying this time?” Celine bit her lips, watching Leylin with an evasive gaze. Compared to the previous time they met, Leylin now seemed like an ordinary man; there were no powerful energy waves being transmitted from his body anymore.

And yet, she knew that this was only a sign of Leylin becoming more powerful. It seemed like he had gained many things during his journey to the Icy Cave.

However, even if she’d...

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