Chapter 619

Tracking And The Statue

The beautiful eyes of the Snake Dowager seemed to see into fragments of the future, penetrating the long river of destiny.

After her prophecy, the Snake Dowager coiled back into the ball, seeming to sink back into a deep slumber.

“What’s going on? I feel like somebody's watching me and I have an ominous feeling!”

The very instant the Snake Dowager’s sight set into the Magus World, Leylin who was in the midst of flying, felt his hair stand on end. An odd mixture of terror and reverence appeared in his mind.

“The Snake Dowager…” Leylin felt a bitterness in his mouth. Never had he expected that once he had advanced into a rank 5 Warlock, he would arouse her interest.

‘But this is the Magus World. It isn’t that easy for her to come over!’ Whether this sort of attention was good or bad, Leylin had no wish to form any sort of relationship with an existence at such a level. He’d always liked to operate after careful planning, and even if it was the Snake Dowager, he hoped to seek...

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