Chapter 618

Rank 5 And The Snake Dowager

Gigantic and graceful, the phantom of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor that held an elegance befitting a ruler appeared behind Leylin’s back. Large amounts of blood-coloured energy shrouded him. The serpent emperor snarled as a black hole appeared in front of it, sucking in the surrounding ice, earth, rocks, the remains and even the air.

Once large amounts of materials disappeared into its mouth, Leylin felt a powerful life force begin to circulate within his body. His body buzzed as first the skeleton, then his internal organs, blood, flesh, and finally the skin was regenerated. With the help of a powerful life force, the injuries on his body recovered at a frightening rate.

‘Could this be the rumoured devouring ability of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor?’ Leylin had a thought.

Immediately after, he felt his arm go numb, and the limb that had been broken off began to regenerate. In just ten or so seconds, the grave injury was completely recovered.

This speed left even Leylin in shock. ‘With this rate...

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