Chapter 617

Snake Emperor

Sun Scorching Nirvana! Formed from the similarly ranked bloodline of the Sun’s Child, this was a rank 6 spell that Leylin had spent a lot of effort to create. It had finally displayed its terrifying prowess. The last time it was used, not only had this spell caused the fall of a Radiant Moon Magus, but it also caused near irreparable harm to Sky City.

And now, the emergence of the golden sun was about to completely melt this world of ice.

“Here we go!” Leylin’s right palm was placed on his chest, terrifying rank 6 spell undulations flowing out berserkly like a stormy tide. The rank 6 spell this time was going to be used on himself!

Boiling heat caused Leylin’s body to immediately turn transparent as if turning him into a human-shaped light bulb.

If not for his outstanding vitality and Fireplume operating at full strength, Leylin would probably have turned into ashes in that instant. Perhaps it wouldn’t even be ashes; his body and soul might just have been burned to nothingness.

However, with his high...

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