Chapter 616

Successful Planning

Leylin’s voice held no enthusiasm as he mercilessly released thread-like rays of crimson light that pierced into the Scorpion Man’s back. The green blood began to squirm as if it had just seen its worst enemy.

Unfortunately, it was not just the blood of the female bronze giant that was affected by the poison. Even the voice of the Arctic Queen was turning sluggish.

Leylin paid no attention to the fervent pleas and offers of the Arctic Queen, instead focussing on refining the bloodline in his hands.

With his manipulations, the green blood from the Scorpion Man’s back was slowly extracted, veins showing themselves one after the other.

“Ahhh! The Snake Dowager… The Snake Dowager again.” The Arctic Queen's voice calmed. “Even if I’ll die right away and be damned for eternity, I won’t let the Snake Dowager prevail!”

The green blood began to boil and rumble, bursting into verdant flames.

‘Hmm? The toxins were removed ahead of time… As expected, the vitality...

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