Chapter 615

Scorpion Man and Scorpion Woman

“This is the source, the source of everything!” Leylin sighed. If not for the Scorpion Man dying here while carrying the bloodline of the female bronze giant, the entire world of ice would not have been formed. Hence, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to call him this world’s progenitor.

Leylin’s body floated up to the place and slowly descended, arriving at the floor of the hollowed-out area. After seeing the Scorpion Man in full view, his pupils suddenly narrowed.

In front of him was reclined the corpse of an enormous creature, half human half scorpion. Streaks of icy blue connected to the Scorpion Man through his skin like a spider web, injecting great amounts of life force and icy energy into him.

And on the back of the Scorpion Man, strange green blood wriggled as if it had a life of its own. It even covered the Scorpion Man’s entire back, spreading in all directions.

Green veins bulged all over the Scorpion Man’s body, writhing around. They were like lifeless pupils, full of eer...

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