Chapter 613

Illusion and Manipulation

“A mere clone wants to attack me?” Leylin sneered, the phantom Giant Kemoyin Serpent behind him rapidly shrinking. Its body was now more substantial, and its scales reflected a dazzling luster.

The Giant Kemoyin Serpent snarled, its tremendous tail whipping at the female giant like a mace.

*Boom!* The female giant’s body blew up, and snowflakes fluttered in the sky.

The aftershocks were transmitted to the castle below, and large cracks began to appear on the walls.

*Whoosh!* As the wind and snow calmed, the entire area turned strangely silent.

The white powder formed from the life energy and consumption of frost energy of the many icy races covered the ground. There were also the remains of armour and weapons, which made the area seem even more desolate.

Leylin heaved a long sigh, producing a test tube from his spatial pouch that was filled with a purple liquid.

The seal at the mouth of the test tube opened automatically and a liquid dripped down to the ground, spreading quickly.


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