Chapter 612

Arctic Queen

A black shooting star streaked across the horizon, its magnificence amplified under the translucent icy sky.

Leylin was sending out a thread of soul force every once in a while, scanning the energies of the surrounding beings.

‘It seems like Arwen’s fall caused some sort of chain reaction.’ As far as he could see, the various regions in this world of ice had been disturbed at least on some level. Many of the intellectual icy beings, such as the Arctic Tribe, and even the ice leopards and the frost dragons were beginning to rebel against the Arctic Queen’s rule.

‘It’s understandable though. The other races never could stand being under her rule anyway. Since she’s fallen, a frenzied rebellion is only to be expected,’ Leylin thought as he touched his pouch. Extracting the Icy Breath to treat his emotional stability was not the only thing he’d done. He hadn’t wasted any part of the body, not even his bloodline. It was all currently stored...

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