Chapter 609


“Found it! It’s there!” The moment Leylin defeated the Arctic Knight, a hint of happiness emerged on Arwen’s face. He’d been waiting in the castle at the core of this world of ice the whole time.

He pulled out a few pieces of black crystal from his arms, among which one had already cracked quite obviously.

“It's the canyon area that Rose is in charge of!” After discovering the target, Arwen’s entire person blurred into a phantom as he shot towards the canyon area.

Of course, he’d never hoped that his subordinates would capture a Morning Star; that would just be a joke. Those he’d sent out this time would serve as nothing more than a warning.

Once they came into contact with that Morning Star, Arwen who was in control of their spirit sources would know immediately.

Hence, that Duchess Rose from before was just cannon fodder in his eyes.

Arwen who was far away had an indifferent and emotionless expression. In a battle between Morning Stars, it was in fact very extraordinary that Duchess Rose...

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