Chapter 607

Arctic Tribe

When the formidable soul force of a peak Morning Star, which could even rival a Radiant Moon, swept across the area, the entire world of ice started to bubble with activity.

The power of a rank 4 was something that a great many of the icy beasts could not resist. When Leylin’s soul force swept over, they could only lower their heads to express their humility, hoping that they wouldn't anger the owner of this soul force.

The energy of a Morning Star, however, also awakened other presences.

In the depths of a castle constructed completely with ice, the frost radiation was so rich that it had hit its limit. Colourful streams of light could even be seen twinkling continuously in the air.

“Arwen!” A cold voice resonated in thin air. Although there was no radiation of energy, it could make the surrounding space tremble faintly.

“Your Majesty, your most loyal servant Arwen is here!” An elderly man dressed in the clothes of a butler walked out of thin air and kneeled towards the source of the voice. He looked incomparably respectful....

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