Chapter 606

Arctic Underground

*Chik chik!* The foraging Icy Jade Scorpion saw Leylin, and immediately lifted its two giant claws. The stinger of the large beast swayed as it positioned itself, ready to attack.

“Good timing!” Leylin laughed at the sight, and a fiery shadow appeared on the back of the Icy Jade Scorpion.

*Chik chik!* The scorpion tried to struggle, but a palm with a terrifying energy and intent covered its head.

The intent in the palm immediately smashed apart all resistance, and the large Icy Jade Scorpion crouched down. From this person’s body, it seemed to feel a familiar and amiable energy that belonged to an emperor.

“Let’s go!” Leylin commanded, and the Icy Jade Scorpion immediately stood up, carrying Leylin on its back and running ahead…

In the frosty world of ice, a green figure carried a black dot on its back as it moved forward at an extreme speed.

It had to be said that in this underground version of the Icy World, Icy Jade Scorpions were very useful tools for transportation. Not only did they have a high tolerance for icy...

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