Chapter 605

Entering the Caves Again

There were a total of three beast emperors who had snuck in to launch the surprise attack.

This giant blue ape was obviously a lot more intelligent than its two companions, and from the very beginning, it had planned to escape, secretly heading to the edges of the battlefield. Seeing Leylin extending his Morning Star domain, it ran even harder without regard for its life.

It was a pity that little ruses like these were akin to jokes in front of a Morning Star.

“Blood Extraction!” Crimson light flashed in Leylin’s eyes, giving the giant ape a feeling that catastrophe was coming. However, under the suppression of the Morning Star domain, it could not resist.

Blood dripped from its pores, quickly taking form in Leylin’s hands. With the loss of such large amounts of blood, the ape’s aura grew increasingly weak, and its howls of pain gradually turned into whines.

*Thud!* A withered corpse fell to the ground, turning into multiple pieces of dried meat with no nutrition.


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