Chapter 604


“Since when has the strength of other tribes and the darkness creatures grown to such a point?” Celine bit her lips, blaming herself slightly and feeling a little remorseful.

Leylin’s rule had forced the other races in Twilight Zone to slavery, only to be exploited by human Magi. It was unexpected that in just a hundred years’ time, they had actually gotten powerful again.

If not for Leylin’s appearance today, even if the opponent hadn’t launched a sneak attack they could’ve won just based on this army that infiltrated their borders. It could practically wipe out all the human Magi.

After all, before this the humans had only one rank 3 Magus, Banker.

“Luckily, there’s still him!” Celine looked at Leylin’s silhouette, eyes filled with an unconcealable pride.

As Leylin looked at the beautiful ruler of dark elves, he could not help but let out a chuckle, “Alicia! I didn’t expect to see another familiar face. Not only have you advanced to rank 3, you’ve also become the queen of the dark elves. It’s truly worth congratulating!”

However, as this laughter...

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