Chapter 603


Leylin Farlier!

This name was a legend in Twilight Zone, a myth. His stories were passed down as legends, sang of in praise by numerous bards!

And now, this legend had once more appeared before their eyes.

“Quite a few interesting things seem to have happened in my absence.” Leylin looked around as he said this, and many directors took a few steps back in order, be they rank 1 Magi or rank 2.

Finally, a rank 2 Magus could not take it anymore. He fell to his knees with a thud, and called out, “Master Leylin, please forgive me! I never wished to betray you, and was only forced by Banker.”

As someone from the same generation as Leylin, this Magus named Akazawa knew well about him and his ruthless ways. This was why Leylin’s appearance frightened him, almost to the point of wetting his pants.

And just like that, as if via a domino effect, more and more Magi knelt, all their knees banging into the ground. Regardless of the effort Banker had put into establishing ties with them and threatening them, it was all a joke in front of Leylin...

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