Chapter 602

Changes in the North

The passing of time could erase everything. More than a hundred years passed, and the number of Magi who could still remember the mighty Leylin were few and far between.

If not for the longevity of Magi, the situation now would definitely be much more severe. Celine might even have been stripped of her position as director long ago.

But even now, things were far from good.

Among the Magi in the entire Twilight Zone, Banker was the only rank 3, and thus he had a good reputation. He even tried to imitate Leylin, and wanted to crown himself as the Radiant Guardian, and even the emperor of all of mankind! His attempts, however, were futile.

Celine could distinctly see the ambition in Banker’s eyes, but could not stop him.

Most of the academies in the other regions were already relying on Banker’s help.

There was no doubt that he would exert pressure on Celine during the exchange between the academies, as well as the establishment of the allied armies.

‘How will I get through this one?’ Celine was at a loss. The tricks that Leylin had left her could only deal with rank 2 Magi at most. There...

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