Chapter 601

Return To Twilight Zone

A tremendous volcano thundered and bellowed, as if a giant from the legends launching a flaming iron fist into the skies.

Lava fell like rain, forming rivulets that flowed together to become a network of rivers.

The black volcano towered high into the sky, looming over the region just like the clouds and causing the skies and the ground to turn dark.

The lava glowed red, flickering between dark and bright. The scene was magnificent, a rose amidst the thorns.

“Mount Asura! It’s been such a long time. I’ve never come back since I arrived at the central continent…” Leylin’s eyes were filled with a certain profoundness. The events that brought him to the central continent and the people and his history with Twilight Zone became incomparably vivid once more.

Indeed, Leylin was preparing to leave the central continent for a while and return to Twilight Zone. Even though that place was barren and inadequate compared to the central continent, it held a treasure trove that only he knew of.

‘The body of the Scorpion Man, as well as the blood...

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